P2P Exchange

Advance sign up is required for the exchange sessions. Calendar notices with connection information have been sent to confirmed participants. Please email nagdcaconnect@nagdca.org if you have any questions. 

P2P Exchanges are virtual small group peer-to-peer moderated discussion sessions that are only open to government attendees every Thursday in October. The exchange sessions are optional, and attendees may sign up on the event registration form.

Thank to our P2P Exchange moderators!

  • Yolie Briseno, City of Phoenix
  • Dean Carothers, Monterey County Deferred Compensation Committee
  • Connie Chew, County of Santa Clara
  • Christina Elliott, Ohio Deferred Compensation
  • Lara Hjortsberg, Maryland Teachers & State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Jeff Hutson, Indiana Public Retirement System
  • Tera Klutz, State of Indiana
  • Beth Kushner, City of New York
  • Mindy Lam, City of Los Angeles
  • Henry Levy, Alameda County
  • Bridget Love, County of San Mateo
  • Josh Luskin, Indiana Public Retirement System
  • Paul Miller, Ohio Deferred Compensation
  • Lisa Pederson, City of Des Moines
  • Jim Potvin, Employees' Retirement System of GA
  • Donna Riley, Stanislaus County
  • John Schiffler, California State Teachers' Retirement System
  • Angie Surface, Employees' Retirement System of GA

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