Oct. 2020 | DC Community Exchange

DC Community Exchange sessions are optional virtual small group moderated discussion sessions that are open to all attendees every Tuesday in October. The DC Community Exchanges offer an opportunity to connect with your peers while discussing various topical questions. The exchange sessions are optional, and attendees may sign up on the event registration form.

Thank you to our DC Community Exchange moderators! 

  • Bill Abramowicz, AIG Retirement Services
  • Alison Adams, RVK, Inc.
  • Gay Lynn Bath, University of Oregon
  • Gayle Butcher, RVK, Inc.
  • Wendy Carter, The Segal Group
  • Craig Chaikin, The Segal Group
  • Sean Dailey, Invesco
  • Rick Donley, ICMA-RC
  • Robert Dwyer, Empower Retirement
  • Chris Engelhardt, Voya Financial
  • Denise Fortune, Voya Financial
  • Shelley Fredrick, Voya Financial
  • Mike Golojuch, City and County of Honolulu
  • Steve Gordon, AndCo Consulting
  • Andee Gravitt, Nationwide
  • Ted Grigsby, Hyas Group
  • Billie Hurley, Clackamas County
  • Prabh Kaur, MassMutual
  • Peter Lohri, Enterprise Iron
  • Rob Luciani, Prudential
  • Keith Mekenney, The Vanguard Group
  • Una Morabito, MassMutual
  • Rebecca Nicholas, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Stephanie O'Dear, Empower Retirement
  • Lisa Okada, San Mateo County
  • Keith Overly, Ohio Deferred Compensation
  • Jonathan Paris, Lincoln Financial Group
  • Jacob Peacock, AndCo Consulting
  • Michelle Rappa, Neuberger Berman LLC
  • Cindy Rehmeier, Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS)
  • Suzanna Rogers, Fidelity Investments
  • Staci Schneider, State of Indiana
  • Jacob Sours, Nationwide
  • Aron Szapiro, Morningstar
  • Michelle Taylor, Cook County
  • Steve Toole, Prudential 
  • Audrey White, Hyas Group LLC
  • Michael Wilsonm, CalSTRS
  • Kathleen Wilson, ICMA-RC
  • Arlen Zentner, State of Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

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