Seeking the Holy Grail – Holistic Financial Wellness

COVID-19 has put a magnifying glass on a huge problem: the financial fragility of the American workforce. Prior to the pandemic, half of Americans lived paycheck-to-paycheck, with many treating credit cards as an emergency savings option. Forty-one percent of Americans were unable to cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing money or selling a personal item. These staggering statistics demonstrate the struggle Americans face not only in saving for retirement, but in achieving financial stability in their daily lives. This panel will focus on the current state of financial wellness needs of government workers and the available programs to meet these needs: where they stood pre-COVID-19 and how they have been impacted since. Learn:

  • Employee needs/Employer offerings pre- and post-COVID-19
  • How employers are helping and can help employees with their financial wellness needs—including use of CARES Act provisions.
  • Behavioral changes and results of these programs
  • Lessons learned from a Financial Wellness program in action


  • Moderator: Lori Lucas, President and CEO, EBRI
  • Panelist: Beth Cleary, Executive Director, Deferred Compensation, City of Milwaukee
  • Panelist: Steve Toole, VP, Financial Wellness Tax-Exempt Markets, Prudential

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the current state of financial wellness needs of public sector workers.
  2. Learn about employee needs and employer offerings pre- and post-COVID-19.
  3. Learn how employers can help employee with their financial wellness needs; including use of CARES Act provisions.
  4. Learn about behavioral changes and results of financial wellness programs.


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