At a crossroads: Health and Wealth

Public sector retirement plans have a wide range of defined contribution plan structures and the differences between plan types can be confusing. Now, some organizations are adding health accounts, such as HSAs and HRAs to the savings mix – further complicating the picture for participants. Our panel will discuss the intersection between health and wealth and how to guide your participants to utilize these incredibly powerful savings vehicles.


  • Moderator: Scott Fisher, Senior Advisor, Northwest Capital Management
  • Panelist: Beverly Freeman, Benefits Program Manager, Public Utility District #1 of Chelan County         
  • Panelist: Jayson Davidson, Managing Partner, Hyas Group
  • Panelist: Nate Black, AVP, Health Savings and Spending Accounts, Voya Financial

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the basics of account-based health plans such as HSAs and HRAs.
  2. Learn how employers are incorporating account-based health plans into overall compensations, employee benefits, and retirement strategy.
  3. Learn how to guide plan participants to utilize account-based health plans as powerful savings vehicles.


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